Why Alabama Is By Far, the Best Team In the Country


The Crimson Tide are 9-0, are in first place in the tough SEC West, and are the unanimous number 1 ranked team in the country. But how did they get there?

It all starts with the coach. Nick Saban has led this Alabama team for 11 seasons, won 5 National Championships, and has brought in many of the top recruits over the past years. One including QB Tua Tagovailoa.

This years team is a lot different then all the other teams though. This team is the best Alabama team I’ve seen assembled. As mentioned, they are undefeated (9-0) and coming off a dominating victory over #3 LSU in Death Valley. Coming into this game, the hype and intrigue the teams were drawing was through the roof. The game was expected to be Bama’s toughest test and many analysts said that LSU could upset the Tide in the Bayou. Bama’s response to that, not a chance.

Final Score Alabama 29, LSU 0

Bama completely dominated this football game from beginning to end. LSU was hurting after they lost top LB Devin White for the first half after a questionable targeting call in their previous game. Saban and his offense ran all over this hurting LSU defense as Damien Harris ran 19 times for 107-yds and a TD. It seemed as if LSU couldn’t stop the run attack at all in this game, something this defense needs to work on if they want a shot at the playoff as a two-loss team.

Then the Tua factor came into play. I don’t think its that crazy to say that Tua could be up there with the greatest college football quarterbacks ever. Yeah he doesn’t have a huge sample size, but the throws he makes and the poise he has is incredible. He has great leadership qualities and is as clutch as they get. He also rarely turns the ball over. He threw his first pick of the season against LSU…In week 9. Not another college quarterback i’d want on my team.

Bama’s defense is like a brick wall, you really gotta pound it in order to break it. LSU offense isn’t great, but shutting out the #3 team in the country at their home stadium, that’s impressive. This defensive unit has been impressive all year, and I expect it to continue being the brick wall its been for the rest of the season.

This Bama team plays great offense, outstanding defense, and decent special teams. They’ve put up over 50 points in 7 of their 9 games (Averaging 51.3 points per game, #1 in country), allow only 14.1 points against (7th in nation), and have completely dominated every team they’ve played. Sure, you could say Bama’s schedule isn’t too difficult, but the numbers they are putting up proves that the schedule doesn’t matter. When sitting down and watching this team, you see how scary they are and how you could easily see them as National Champions.

As a fan of Texas A&M, another SEC West team, it pains me to see such success from Alabama. No way I want them to win it all, but you can see how talented this years Bama team really is, and how i’m not sure they can be stopped. I thought LSU could make it a game, I was wrong.

So college football fans, enjoy this Bama team even if you don’t like them, because this team is the best in college football, and maybe, the best college football team we’ve ever seen.


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